Green - 网际加速器


The network speed meter designed for Indonesia allows telecom users to accurately measure the speed of their own network. Professional accelerating stations have been established in various regions of Indonesia and professional accelerating stations have been established in many popular countries around the world. Help Indonesian entrepreneurs and workers understand their speed

4G, how fast Wifi, the test will know, say goodbye to flash, do your heart!

[Five functions, professional speed measurement]

1, one-button speed measurement: check the speed of cellular, 2G, 3G, 4G network, you can use Wifi;
2. Ping test: Test Ping once click to detect network delay status at any time;
3, test signal: test Wifi signal, looking for the strongest signal around;
4, traffic statistics: regular traffic statistics, more real-time monitoring of widgets;
5. Global speed measurement: Connect to a global network to ensure accurate data;

New version, large UI enhancements and more new experiences await your discovery!

Note: it does not have download and upload, and connection functions. It is just a WiFi, 4G speed measurement software